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Mr Saeed Niakowsari, player and composer, his music activities background returns to the first days of his childhood.
During his studies in elementary and high school Niakowsari learning play music in Art school successed to achieve excellent places in art contests and invited to Ramsar camps.
NiaKowsari got his Art diploma before high school graduation. After Islamic Revolution while studying in university he continued to work as a self-employed artist and attended in master classes teached by Mr. Meshkatian, Mr. Zolfonoon and many other great musicians.
In 1989 after graduating from Shiraz university with Phd degree, Niakowsari founded Saba Art and Cultural Center and in 1993 successed to win the Golden Tablet from 8th Fajr National and International Music Festival and was titled as the best Santur-player in Iran. Now (winter 2006) he is the only one who has the honor flag of Shiraz university.
Saeed Niakowsari invited by IRIB and other cultural associations has successfully done many live concerts and resitals across Europe. In 2003 he as the first Iranian musician was invited to Wales International Festival and successed to win the platinum medal in the international contest of "Nations Music" while other rivals had taken part in the contest as teams but he played music solely without any companion.
Saeed Niakowsari now is the manager of Saba Art and Cultural Center.
Sepidar and Kharazmi (published by Soroush publishing (affiliated to IRIB) ) are among his works. It should be noted that many pieces of his compositions and works is now broadcasting from IRIB channels.

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